Alarm Monitoring

Tips On Installing Alarm Systems In Summerville And Hilton Head SC

While looking for installing a security camera, it may be considered that the homeowner already knows how such a camera can help preventing home break-ins as well as keep the family and property safe from the burglars and vandals. Irrespective of the make and model of the camera, its effectiveness is greatly influenced by where and how it is being installed. When it comes to installation of security cameras in Beaufort and North Charleston SC, people often make mistakes. Whether an outdoor or indoor camera, it all depends on the placement of the camera to ensure getting the best out of it.

Let’s have a quick look at some of the most common mistakes that the homeowners must avoid.

  • Forgetting to secure the cameras – One of the greatest mistakes people often make is not properly securing their security devices like the security cameras. And as a result, the cameras may get tampered with. Placement of security cameras inside and outside the home is a bit different as the outdoor cameras can be easily damaged in extreme weather conditions or stolen by the thieves.

  • Considering cameras to multitask – Cameras can’t multitask. Homeowners should decide on what features the cameras should have prior to installation and placement. People forget that a camera can’t capture someone’s face, the house across the street, license plate – all at a time. They tend to place the camera without proper planning. To get the best, it is highly recommended to have a camera placement diagram prior to installation.

  • Positioning the camera at the top point – Many people install the camera at the highest point of the home considering that it would give them largest view. Well though it would give large view, it won’t give any detailed view in terms of capturing criminal’s features. It can give just a figure, but it won’t help identifying the person. To ensure getting larger views and all needed details, it’s better to install a camera with better capacity.

  • Using a camera without an extensive dynamic range at windows and doors – This denotes that the homeowners can get the desired photo only if the person is just approaching right or looks directly into the security camera.

  • Failing to provide required lighting – Lighting is often ignored while dealing with nighttime monitoring. If the camera doesn’t have night vision feature, it must be provided with sufficient lighting so it can take clear footage even during the night. But putting cameras too near to bright light may cause the picture to get disrupted. Also putting outdoor cameras pointing to direct sunlight should be strictly avoided as this may cause stripes in the photos.

So these are just a few mistakes that homeowners often make. Whether alarm systems in Summerville and Hilton Head SC or security cameras, proper placement is always required to ensure best performance.